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The sky-high price of Bitcoin has not factored in the possibility of mass governmental rejection.This decision is a monumental moment for Bitcoin company, and its supporters, as it.India May Issue Its Own Bitcoin-like Cryptocurrency As Legal Tender.Australian official suggests making Bitcoin legal tender in Australia.If these nations were not threatened by Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, why would they bother to create their own.

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Conversely, if an economy is over-cooling, the supply of money can be increased and the cost of money lowered, effectively heating up the economy and spurring borrowing, investment, and inflation.If governments could not have increased the supply of money and lowered the cost of money during the last crisis, it would have been much worse.This means it is a threat to fiat currencies, much like gold and silver are.

As we will see, monetary policy is too beneficial for governments to give up.Indeed, it has been hard to stay grounded while watching Bitcoin soar to new heights each month.Legal authorities are struggling to understand bitcoin, let alone make laws around it.

Members of Congress want to make Bitcoin equivalent legal tender to the Dollar by Ken Schortgen, Jr.

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Governments around the globe use monetary policy, the manipulation of the supply and cost of money, to regulate their economies.Third, Japan has led the world in extreme monetary policy intervention, referred to as Abenomics.Not Legal Tender. a Bitcoin has no physical form, is not legal tender,. and Analysis of Legal Issues Congressional Research Service 2.

India Considers Issuing Its Own Bitcoin-Like

Monetary policy is an effective tool that provides governments with a good deal of power to regulate their economies during different stages of the business cycle.Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin, could have his identity exposed after an apparently email hack on Monday.Bitcoin has been accepted as legal currency in Germany, which is a big step for this highly popular virtual currency.One of the biggest changes bitcoin has ever seen may be poised to strike as Japan mulls the possibility of allowing it as legal tender in the country.My question is, how much can governments actually regulate virtual currencies.

This is why some governments have banned them and most other governments are still figuring out what to do with them.A Canadian government official has said bitcoin is not considered legal tender in the country, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.The Major Difference between a Legal Tender and Money. by. we first need to understand what money is and how a legal tender fits in it.Second, income from virtual currencies are treated as operating income for corporations, which is not faithful representation of the businesses model and further complicates company analysis.Vietnam and Indonesia have declared that virtual currencies are not legal as payments, while they are banned in Nigeria and Columbia.To allow Bitcoin, or any virtual currency, to become a larger percentage of total transactions would undermine the efficacy of their monetary policy.Bitcoin has more than quadrupled in value since December last year and hit.The 19th century was dominated by the British pound, the 20th by the U.S. dollar, and the 21st may be by Bitcoin, apparently.

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Companies hoping to deal in the new currency, however, must submit to a.People have not widely embraced digital currencies like Bitcoin because these currencies cannot outshine the competition when it comes to serving as a store of value and a medium of exchange.Bitcoin is Now Legal Tender in California. It just (arguably) made Bitcoin legal tender,.Governmental intervention of virtual currencies is extremely limited.If an economy is overheating, the supply of money can be reduced and the cost of money (interest rate) can be increased, effectively cooling the economy and avoiding serious inflation, over-leveraging, and asset valuation bubbles.Bank of Lithuania released a warning on 31 January 2014 that bitcoin is not recognized as legal tender in Lithuania and that.Yes, there are currency exchange gains or losses in the ordinary course of international business, but these rarely misrepresent the business.

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Once the Japanese government realizes this, controls and limitations on virtual currencies will abound.Follow Business Insider:. a significant concern was that the US government might assert that bitcoin constitutes illegal tender. Indeed,.This is why most governments will not allow Bitcoin to become a material means of exchange in their respective economies.

The post India Considers Issuing Its Own Bitcoin-Like Cryptocurrency as Legal Tender appeared first on Bitcoin News.As the debate rages on whether bitcoin is a legitimate currency or. will soon come out of the shadows and claim its rightful place as a legal tender.Canada would like to tax Bitcoin but it is currently not recognized as legal tender. tie a legal basis for Bitcoin.It is, however, to say that Bitcoin and other virtual currencies will remain in the periphery and will not become prominent in sensible nations as a percentage of total transactions.But eventually governments will recognize the threat to their sovereignty that virtual currencies pose, and take defensive action.

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